​LSMA & Partners offers advisory services in the context of M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions), both when the client intends to invest in new business (buy side) and when the decision to sell its business (sell side) has been reached.

The network developed by LSMA & Partners’ associates consists of financial and industrial partners from all industries based on relationships of trust and credibility.


M&A services

Within the sphere of M&A transactions, LSMA & Partners offers the most qualified advisory services for maximising corporate value by developing:

  • the analysis of the strategic positioning of the customer/target company by exploring the business model and competitive advantages;
  • the study of the terms and conditions and related feasibility of the transaction from a financial, corporate, tax and legal standpoint;
  • the creation of the most efficient structure of the transaction from both a financial and tax-related perspective, in order to maximise value;
  • the search for and selection of potential counterparts;
  • the preparation of the documentation necessary for the approach with possible counterparts (teaser, procedure letter, company profile, information memorandum);
  • contact with the designated counterparts, support during all stages of the negotiations, including in the preparation of contractual documentation (non-binding offers, sale and purchase agreements, etc.);
  • the coordination of the various players during the due diligence phase;
  • post-closing assistance for the correct fulfilment of financial contractual clauses (price adjustments, earn-out verification, financial covenant verification, etc.);
  • incentive plans for management (carried interest, stock options, participative financial instruments, etc.).