LSMA & Partners offers financial advisory services to its clients, assisting them in gauging and maximising the economic value of their companies, in feasibility analysis and in the implementation of financing to pursue strategic corporate objectives in terms of efficiency, financial rebalancing and corporate growth while keeping financial risk under control.



Within the sphere of corporate finance LSMA & Partners offers services which mainly concern:

  • the company and the corporate groups’ valuation;
  • independent opinions (fairness opinion, independent business review);
  • intangible assets valuation (PPAs, brands, patents, technologies, business relations, etc.) and impairment testing;
  • the in-depth analysis of a company’s accounts in order to investigate the quality and sustainability of the financial data and the adequacy of their representation (financial due diligence);
  • strategic and financial planning (business plan) for the purpose of presenting to third parties the growth potential of the business (M&A, debt advisory, project finance, etc);
  • planning and assessment of the economic and financial feasibility of leveraged buy-out transactions;
  • the analysis of the economic feasibility of investments and support during the definition of the optimum financial structure;
  • consultancy on the negotiation and drafting of contractual documentation relating to financing agreement (term sheets, loan agreements).