Tax advice plays a key role in every corporate transaction and in asset reorganisation activities as the tax variable, especially in Italy, is often a critical element.

LSMA & Partners offers advisory services for tax optimisation in M&A transactions, corporate or asset reorganisations and debt restructuring transactions, which are of paramount importance in building value.


Tax Advisory services

Thanks to the specialisation of its team, LSMA & Partners is able to offer tax advice for:

  • all stages of the M&A process, starting from the study to streamline the transaction’s tax structure in order to minimize the total tax load;
  • sell-side transactions, by means of the drafting of vendor tax due diligence aimed at understanding one’s own weaknesses and managing them with the potential buyer and their advisors;
  • buy-side transactions, in order to understand the risk elements generated by accounting/tax policies adopted by the target company, so as to quantify possible latent tax liabilities and foresee appropriate contractual guarantee clauses in the drafting of the purchase contract;
  • the correct drafting of the tax clauses in purchase and sale agreements;
  • assistance for its clients in structuring investment and divestment transactions in Italy and abroad;
  • corporate and asset reorganisation activities so as to maximise efficiency;
  • post-closing obligations. In this way, LSMA & Partners is able to offer its clients comprehensive advice, from ordinary taxation activities to taxation in extraordinary finance transactions.