The generational transition is a crucial phase in the life of every entrepreneur during which the right tools can be activated to ensure a future for the company and maintain family harmony.

LSMA & Partners’ professionals are able to accompany their clients during the generational transition by offering tailor-made solutions to ensure the dual intent of handing down to their heirs what previous generations have created and, at the same time, guaranteeing a future for their company.


Generational transition and asset reorganisation services

In the field of generational transitions and asset reorganisation, LSMA & Partners assists its clients in:

  • recognition of family assets;
  • talks with clients and family members involved in the changeover to foster communication and reach solutions that do not alter family balances;
  • the study of an optimal solution to ensure the transfer of the estate in an organised manner;
  • tax optimisation of transactions by exploiting the many instruments offered by the legal system such as trusts, foundations, family holding companies, family pacts and donations, family leveraged buy-outs and management leveraged buy-outs;
  • elimination of tax and/or operational inefficiencies;
  • improving the risk diversification profiles.